I’m Always Starting

Author Julie Seedorf

My new book, Weed Lake is releasing on March 1. Writing this book was a little more complicated than when I first began my journey writing the Fuchsia Series and the Brilliant Series. I am older, and my brain doesn’t remember details as well. Weed Lake is a combination Fuchsia/Brilliant Crossover, so because of the subject, I needed to remember details from both series that I wrote a few years ago.

In deciding to write a crossover book I knew I needed to revisit both my series, especially the Fuchsia series and Granny’s history. I pulled out my files for Granny Hooks a Crook and had a new idea. I needed to update these books. Here’s what I found as I concentrate on Granny Hooks A Crook.

I started a lot, meaning Granny is always starting to go somewhere or starting to do something and so do all the other…

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