The Pink Percolator Book Reviews

I have a soft spot in my heart for a business in my Fuchsia SeriesThe Pink Percolator, hence the name of this site. The Pink Percolator is owned by Delight Delure and is a unique tea, coffee house and has decadent deserts. Granny and her crew spend time there plotting and solving the mysteries in Fuchsia, sometimes life and death. I would love to visit The Pink Percolator in a quirky community so my next best thing was to create one here. Find your coffee or tea and settle in. Thanks for visiting.

Murder In Training by Diane Weiner

When a retired teacher and her bestie join a training class with the goal of walking a breast cancer charity race, they run into a speedbump when a member of the group is murdered in the park. He had no shortage of enemies. Blackmail, harassment, and smuggling top the list of motives. Susan and Valerie

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The Lines We Cross by R. L. McCalla

The Lines We Cross by R. L. McCalla If DNA is the blueprint of life, what happens when we change the instructions?When deputy Sam Thurston responds to a report of a dead body on the side of the road, he’s completely unprepared for what he’ll find: a pregnant woman, womb cut open, baby missing. So

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